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목표 "3D Reconstruction" 


based Point Cloud

using Kinect. Streo camera

in OpenNI



1. 스테레오 카메라로 입력받은 이미지를(ex using Kinect) Point Cloud(or ICP)를 이용하여 3D Reconstuction.

2. Original Object를 자연마커로 설정

3. 3D Modeling 된 객체를 자연마커 위에 증강





KinectFusion - Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera [28C3]


출처 : 



Iterative Closest Point(ICP) with very 3D point


- Used to align overlapping 3D point clouds

- Assumption : point clouds are roughly aligned

1. Individual points of the previous and the current frame are projectively associated through the same image frame

2. Distance and angle compatibility is checked

3. Energy function is minimized.(energy function (linear system, best fit, hole point))

4. An offset transformation between the point clouds is acquired and applied

5. The previous steps are iterated multiple times












data structure 


depth number, single point, negative, 

 = "Ray Cast Rendering"







Object Segmentation







- Voxel model isn't very flexible

- Can't properly model deformations

- Doesn't work for large areas

- Doesn't work for far away objects

- Doesn't work outdoors

- Requires a really powerful gamer PC...










3D Reconstruction with stereo cameras


for more information, 


Optimizing point cloud production from stereo photos by tuning the block matcher

In this last post in my series on using a homemade stereo camera to produce 3d point clouds, I’ll show you how to improve your 3d point clouds in order to get optimal results. I’ll also…


Real-time 3D Reconstruction at Scale using Voxel Hashing 

more information , 


Real-time 3D Reconstruction at Scale using Voxel Hashing - Microsoft Research

Online 3D reconstruction is gaining newfound interest due to the availability of real-time consumer depth cameras. The basic problem takes live overlapping depth maps as input and incrementally fuses these into a single 3D model. This is challenging partic 


Skanect 3D Scanning Software By Occipital - The Easiest Way To 3D Scan With the Structure Sensor and Kinect-like 3D Sensors

The Easiest Way To 3D Scan With the Structure Sensor and Kinect-like 3D Sensors 


Digitize Your World

ReconstructMe is a powerful 3D real-time scanning system - plus it is simple to use and free. Download 2.5.1034 for 64bit Vista/7/8/10 Other downloads ReconstructMe’s usage concept is simila


-> Boost 함수 관련 링크 


-> Boost 라이브러리 빌드 설치 관련 링크 


boost 라이브러리 빌드 설치 [비쥬얼 스튜디오(VS)]

우선 제가 쓰는 비쥬얼 스튜디오 버전은 2013입니다. 그래서 환경은 2013에 기반해서 글을 씁니다. 모든 내용이 정확하지는 않을수 있기때문에 안되는 부분이 있을수도... (전 이대로 해서 됫다는.. 


3DCombine Home Page

3DCombine allows you to create, edit and convert 3D photos and videos. It supports a wide range of file and viewing formats and allows batch conversion between them. All functions are placed at the user's fingertips with simple toolbars, while guides and t


그리고, Kinect를 이용한 3D reconstruction, Openni, OpenGL(렌더링할때), OpenCV 사용하여 구현한 것 (네이버, Kinect 카페)


3D Reconstruction : 


Kinect와 OpenNI, OpenCV 연동하기 


[Kinect+OpenCV] Kinect 와 openNI , openCV 연동하기

Kinect 와 opencv 연동하기에 대해 예전부터 가끔씩 문의 쪽지가 와서 첫 강좌로 이것을 잡았습니다.2011...


opencv, openNI, 연동해서 depth 영상 받아오기 


[Kinect+OpenCV] OpenNI + OpenCV 이용해서 New 프로젝트 만드는법

vs2005 기준으로 만들었습니다^^; 시작하기전에 OpenNI 와 OpenCV 2.1이 설치되어있어야 합니다.^^ ...


진짜 Kinect 관련글 잘정리되어있는 티스토리 블로그 


'About Kinect' 카테고리의 글 목록


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