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    [Dataset] MS COCO 데이터를 쉽게 이용할 수 있는 FiftyOne 사용하기

    MS COCO Dataset 홈페이지에 오랜만에 들어가봤는데, 새로운 것을 발견해서 포스팅하기로 했다. FiftyOne 공식 문서 : FiftyOne — FiftyOne 0.11.2 documentation Contents FiftyOne Github : GitHub - voxel51/fiftyone: The open-source tool for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models The open-source tool for building high-quality datasets and c..

    [Dataset] COCO(Common Objects in Context) Dataset

    COCO Dataset : COCO - Common Objects in Context COCO API : cocodataset/cocoapi COCO API - Dataset @ . Contribute to cocodataset/cocoapi development by creating an account on GitHub. COCO API 사용 예제 : cocodataset/cocoapi COCO ..

    [Dataset] 이미지 인식에 유용한 데이터셋 정리 (2020.09.14)

    [Object Detection] [Object Classfication] [Image Segmentation] - ADE20K ADE20K dataset Database --> Full Dataset Full-sized images and segmentations Scene Parsing Benchmark Scene parsing data and part segmentation data derived from ADE20K dataset could be download from MIT Scene Parsing Benchmark. Training set All images are fully annotated [Scene Recognition] - IndoorCVPR09..


    Background Subtraction 시도할 때 사용할 좋은 데이터세트 같고, 데이터도 바로 다운로드 받을 수 있어서 접근성 좋다. This dataset is used in S.-H. Lee, J.-H. Kim, K. P. Choi, J.-Y. Sim, and C.-S. Kim, "Video saliency detection based on spatiotemporal feature learning," submitted to Proc. IEEE ICIP 2014. Video sequences have the resolution of 480 x 270 and consist of around 800 frames. The binary ground-truth maps are manually obtained ..